AEM Connector for Search

Read the AEM Connector vs Crawler Comparison Sheet

AEM Connector 3.1.0 released!

What is it?

The AEM Connector allows to easily integrate AEM with external search engines (such as Solr, LucidWorks Fusion, Attivio AIE, Elastic, etc.) to index content from AEM in near-real time into any search backend.

What's included?

The connector is a modular product consisting of the connector itself - an agent that seamlessly integrates into an AEM setup - and one or multiple exporters specific to the search backend(s) to be served. This is complemented by an API to easily customise data and metadata that gets pushed to the connected backends and an API that supports the development of additional Exporters.

How do I get started?

Consult the Comparison Sheet to learn about the advantages of using a push-connector over crawling AEM and contact Netcentric for further information. We would be happy to give you an online demonstration of the AEM Connector.